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“Deplorable Doctoral Candidate”

The soon to be Dr. Deplorable is a PhD candidate at a well-regarded American university. This college is often ranked as the best in the world for his field. He has extensive experience in teaching, research, and academic politics. The Deplorable has been elected to multiple student government positions, on big budget university committees, and has a file of dirt on the administrators. Outside of academia, he is involved in multiple startups and is the cofounder of one. He comes from a blue-collar background, worked his way through college, and is slightly embarrassed to be a millennial. As many readers will likely surmise, the Deplorable Doctoral Candidate is not in the humanities or soft sciences. Due to the lack of intellectual diversity, political diversity, or tolerance in Academia, the Deplorable will remain anonymous for the time being.

You can follow him on his Twitter:

“Cololrado Citizen Press Staff”

Veterans of the Colorado political scene, these conservatives saw a need for a new voice on the local blogosphere. The staff includes individuals from backgrounds on every type of political campaign from Presidential races, Senate races, as well as State and Local (including races outside of Colorado). Not only that, but the staff has experience beyond the political sphere including¬†extensive global travel as well as staff members who have worked for some of the world’s largest companies.