Douglas County Schools Supports Concealed Carry in Schools


The measure was in support of State Legislation in Denver

Earlier this week, The Douglas County Board of Education voted to support two pro-gun bills that State Legislators were working on.

Unfortunately, one of the bills was already killed by Democrats in the State House.

That bill, HB17-1036 would have allowed anyone with a valid concealed carry permit to carry their firearm on school property.

The bill that hasn’t been killed yet is SB 17-005. If signed into law, this bill would allow trained teachers and trained school staff who have a concealed carry permit to carry their firearms on school property.

It’s refreshing to see a School Board represent pro-gun values instead of the usual fear mongering.

Of course, Douglas County is usually a lighthouse of liberty in an otherwise Blue metro area.

Looking at the Douglas County State Legislators, it’s no surprise that Rep. Patrick Neville, Sen. Chris Holbert and Rep. Kim Ransom all hail from Douglas County.

The real question is, can Douglas County Conservatives shift the political winds in Colorado?

Will they be able to keep DougCo red?

Can their influence help nearby Jefferson County which is a swing-county in regards to State Legislators?

2018 will be here soon enough and we may have an answer to those questions.


Colorado House Democrats “Kill” Three Pro-Gun Bills


Not that anyone should be surprised, but yesterday, House Democrats killed three pro-gun bills that would have made it easier for Coloradans to defend themselves.

This came after over eight hours of testimony.

The Pro-Gun Bills

HB17-1036 Concealed Carry in Schools: This would have allowed qualified teachers to have the ability to defend their students with a firearm.

HB17-1037 Deadly Force Against an Intruder: This would have expanded Colorado’s “Make My Day Law” to businesses.

HB17-1097 Repeal Ammunition Magazine Prohibition: This would repeal the 2013 magazine ban limiting magazines to only 15 rounds.

The Fallout

Unfortunately for law-abiding Coloradans, there isn’t much hope of improving our ability to defend ourselves with Democrats in control of the State House.

If pro-gun Coloradans want to change the situation in Denver, then 2018 will be there best chance.

Not only will the Colorado House and Senate be up for grabs, but so will the Governor’s mansion.

Time will tell if Colorado becomes a more pro-gun state.