Multimillionare Polis Complains of Money in Politics

Jared Polis, Colorado’s far-left candidate for Governor has pledged to reject corporate or PAC money for his campaign.

Our question, does that include his own corporate money?

Fundraising Email Complains of Corporate Money in Politics

The above image is a screenshot of a fundraising email that Jared Polis sent out on June 24th. He quickly complains about corporate money and also claims he will cap donations at $100 from individuals for his campaign for Governor.

He says he doesn’t want corporate money in politics, but the truth is, without his own corporate money, he wouldn’t be a politician!

A quick search on shows that Rep. Polis is the second wealthiest Congressman:OpenSecrets

Polis made his fortune creating an online business and he deserves the money he made. Yet, his career as a liberal Democrat is all about attacking people with money.

Another interesting point is that Polis is refusing to take corporate money for his Governor campaign, yet he had no problem taking it during the last election cycle for Congress. has the data:

Not to mention, Polis has his own PAC, Fearless PAC, which spent over $600,000 in the 2016 election cycle. LINK

So, where will Jared Polis get money for his Governor campaign?

Corporate & PAC money of course…

Money from his own corporation & PAC!

Masterpiece Cakeshop’s Case to be Heard in Supreme Court

How about some good news?

As you may know, Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop has been standing strong on his belief in traditional marriage.

And his perseverance is paying off. Denver 7 reports:

Masterpiece Cakeshop owner says he’s lost 40% of business, welcomes SCOTUS hearing

by: Blair Miller

DENVER – The owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop, whose case involving his denial to make a cake for a gay couple was taken up by the U.S. Supreme Court Monday after being declined nearly a dozen times, says the lower court’s decision, which will now be argued in front of the nation’s highest court, has caused him to lose business and that he’s received threats.

Jack Phillips spoke with his attorneys from the Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative group that took up his case, after the Supreme Court decided it would hear oral arguments in his case sometime later this year.

In a prepared statement, Phillips said that after 23 years of being open, the shop is losing business after the Colorado Supreme Court last August declined to review the case, agreeing with a Colorado Court of Appeals decision that said the shop could continue to enforce its religious beliefs, but not while operating as a business in Colorado.

Read the rest of Denver Channel’s article here.

Fake News, Worthless Reporting: What is the Difference?

Goodbye Colorado Statesman. Hello Fake News!

Fake News

Fake News. It’s all in the news lately.

Readers can hardly trust what they read and they are becoming evermore aware of “reporters” who shove manure their way. What’s worse: making up stories to make a point or twisting news to make the same point?

Readers are running out of reliable news sources.

Take the June merger of the Colorado Statesman with Colorado Politics. The Statesman has been around for decades reporting on the details of sausage-making at the Capitol and makes no apologies from writing “pure left” or “pure right” articles. But the effort was mostly to fill the paper with an even mix of both in order to attract the most readers.

Colorado Politics is a new blog creation from the Colorado Springs Gazette which tried to get into state politics with writers formally from the Denver Post and the Gazette. In the last year, it showed its readers it still had a long way to go with balanced articles. Without any track record, it has no idea of the readership and value it provides.

But on June 1, Colorado Politics thought it grew up enough to merge with an old competitor who managed to weave the delicate partisanship of appealing to political hacks on both sides of the aisle. Of course, they took the name of the Statesman to help its reputation. Its staff now includes an ex-Denver Post reporter, three folks from the Gazette, two from the Statesman, and one from the Durango Herald.

However, instantly it became another opinionated blog.

So my first read is Senior Political Correspondent, Joey Bunch’s (ex-Denver Post) introductory ground-rules statement on June 8th on “our guiding light is fairness, followed closely by accuracy and honesty in words and intent. Our value depends on your faith in us.” Wow. That had to be hard to type out. Who made him write that?!

Okay, after I finished wading through the bull crap, I found an article in the June 12th edition that I thought might be worth reading. Construction defect reform. That should be too boring to screw up. This year’s bill passed both House and Senate with plenty of bi-partisan support and was signed by the Governor. If there were adamant opponents or proponents reporting with hidden agendas, that should be a thing of the past.

No such luck with the Denver Post “reporter”, Joey Bunch.

Let’s just start with the title: “Insights: Construction defect reforms cost lawyers, but they might not save much for home buyers.” Hmmm, sounds like this paper still has an axe to grind after legislators managed to come together.

Read the article yourself here.

I am not going to detail all the strange interpretive clauses like: “Tort reform is a ghost of Mississippi” or “Priced-out homeowners are the straw men every tort reform has to have” or “Let’s be logical. At the rate they’ve been throwing up housing developments in metro Denver the last 20 years, they weren’t building Sistine Chapels. Plywood, nail gun and go is more like it. Caulk is the great equalizer.”

Who has the time to read a BS fake news article like this? I only slogged my way through so I could prove to myself that “fairness and accuracy” were as fake as all the twisting of this story.

This is the capsulation of what we are witnessing all around us: progressives hell-bent on pushing socialism who cannot accept the fact that normal people don’t want what they are selling. So they stay fixated on their soapbox while all the rest of us keep moving on with our lives.

Half way through the article, Mr. Bunch throws a dig at Assistant Majority Leader Rep. Cole Wist (R-Centennial) who worked on passing the construction litigation reform bill. And then the author launches into some psycho-babble therapy about a class action lawsuit in Mississippi 20 years ago about cars and injuries.

Mr. Bunch never returns back to his subject of construction, but yaks about medical lawsuits, doctors, insurers, and caps on claims. But not before he throws in this “unbiased” piece of commentary: “the real victims were the people who couldn’t get access to quality heath care, while out-of-state doctors made off with millions in legal fees.”

What on earth is going on in this article? Is this reporting?!

The only thing worse than fake news is twisted news. Welcome to the new Statesman – the Blog of the Capitol.

Oh, and by the way, make sure you catch the statement at the bottom of every edition: “The Colorado Statesman maintains strict neutrality on all partisan issues.”

Yeah, right!

The Greatest Pyramid Scheme of all Time?

An Investment that doesn’t always pay

College can be an excellent investment that propels graduates into high powered careers. Plenty of my colleagues finished their undergrad degrees with starting salaries similar to a tenured professor’s pay. The old promise of a better, financially secure life for college graduates is still true for engineers. The same cannot be said for the liberal arts. Today, liberal arts education is functionally identical to a pyramid scam!

A Pyramid Scam?

Pyramid scams work by requiring new recruits to pay a membership fee to their recruiters. If the recruit then manages to sign up enough new recruits, the recruit is promoted and gets a share of the membership fees. Recruits who fail to generate enough new recruits get nothing. Some variants of pyramid scams involve a token transfer or goods or services to disguise the nature of the scam. Participation trophy degrees are the token service that covers up the liberal arts pyramid scam.

The availability of meaningful career opportunities outside of academia distinguishes legitimate education from pyramid scams. For example, the average engineering graduate has little to no trouble finding meaningful employment. There are numerous employers ranging from defense contractors to the oil giants and equipment suppliers. While engineers thankfully can and do take teaching jobs, this is not necessary to an engineering career or even the highest paying career option. The service provided by engineering education has legitimate value outside of training more engineers.

In contrast, history and literature majors have far fewer options for employment in their field. On average, they could work as librarians, high school teachers and similar low prestige jobs. The pinnacle of a liberal arts career is to be a tenured liberal arts professor. But there are far more liberal arts majors than liberal arts jobs at all levels. This makes the top of the field dependent on the tuition of new recruits and extremely competitive. In simple terms, the best positions in the field are funded by the recruitment of excess members who have a near zero odds of attaining a good position in their field. This is the basic structure of a pyramid scam.

What’s the value?

But what about the transferrable value of an education? In the days before participation trophy degrees, a good liberal arts education was valuable. It taught critical thinking, provided a rigorous academic background, and signaled that graduates were both smart and motivated. Grade inflation and the gutting of academic standards mean that most liberal arts degrees provide very little value now. Many liberal arts graduates are in jobs that do not realistically require any degree. The return on investment for liberal arts degree is declining with some programs going negative!

Liberal arts education is effectively a debt driven pyramid scam. It provides extremely limited utility to the average graduate from the average university. The skills are non-transferrable and participation trophies from all but the most prestigious schools have limited signaling value. The pinnacle of a liberal arts career is the tenured professor. The continued employment of the liberal arts faculty requires them to recruit far more students than will ever be employed in the field. A lucky and morally suspect few become liberal arts professors. The vast majority end up with nothing tangible to speak of besides student debt that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. The liberal arts pyramid scam trades the future wellbeing of innocent students for the decadent and privileged lifestyle of its increasingly useless faculty.

The Deplorable Doctoral Candidate is an engineer, climate skeptic, entrepreneur, critic of academia, and occasional blogger. You can follow him on Twitter:

Rep. Williams isn’t Hispanic Enough According to “Rape-Whistle” Joe Salazar

The Intolerant Left?

State Representative Joe Salazar (D-Thornton) is under fire today for disparaging racial comments recently targeted at a Republican colleague.

Speaking at a North High School in Denver, Salazar ripped State Representative Dave Williams (R-Colorado Springs) decrying him as a “half Latino” while trashing legislation to ending Sanctuary illegal immigration policies in Colorado.

Rep. Williams, who is of Hispanic dissent, has also been denied membership to the presumably nob-partisan Colorado Latino Caucus.

Rep. Williams responded on the house floor late this morning saying “I’m sorry that my surname doesn’t match my ethnicity or my heritage, but I’m proud of who I am and where I come from.”

Witnesses of today’s exchange report Salazar was seen laughing during and following Rep. Williams remarks, and is refusing to apologize for his controversial remarks.

House Speaker’s “Zero Tolerance” Racism Policy

The incident is the latest test of House Speaker Crisanta Duran’s “zero tolerance” doctrine for racism as outlined in her opening day remarks:

“As speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives I will stand firm against divisive language and divisive policies … We cannot tolerate attacks on women and people of color… If we let it catch hold –if we normalize language and behavior that is simply not normal —if we do not call out hate and racism when we see it —if we do not defend our foundational values —well then our democracy itself is at risk. We must stand up for those who might otherwise be shoved down or pushed aside.”

Despite these remarks, Speaker Duran and House Democratic Leaders are refusing to rebuke Salazar’s comments.

Additionally, this hypocrisy sends the message that it’s somehow okay to discriminate against someone – to demonize, vilify and even exclude someone — simply because they are a Republican or because their parents come from different backgrounds.

This is bigoted – divisive — politics at its worst. Salazar and Duran should be ashamed. They should apologize at once.

You can watch the video here:

In Support of Free Speech – Colorado Senate Bill 17-062

The free exchange of ideas and debate are the foundation of academia. When ideas are heard and challenged, students have the opportunity to learn and grow. Generations of young scholars sharpened their wits debating their classmates. Today, this tradition and its educational benefits are under attack across America. In the name of shielding hypersensitive millennials from the pain of debate, disagreement, and hurt feelings, university administrators are cracking down on free speech. It is time to push back against this encroachment.

Speech codes at modern universities go far beyond constitutional limits on speech, such as libel and slander. Hurt feelings are all it takes for legally protected speech to violate university policy. Academic administrators use catch all definitions that can be contorted to include almost anything. Labeling a hyper sensitive, perpetually offended student a special snowflake could be interpreted as creating a hostile atmosphere. That’s enough to get student suspended on some campuses. Don’t even think about phrases like “suck it up, buttercup!”

It doesn’t matter where the speech occurs. Universities try to police all student speech. Did you post a controversial opinion on Facebook? Or retweet Mike Cernovich and Ann Coulter? Or vocally support the President’s wall at a party. If the wrong person is physically present or sees it online, you could be in violation. All that matters to the university disciplinary committee is that snowflake ran to them crying.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (the FIRE) litigates cases more ridiculous than anything implied here every year. As of this writing, only one college in Colorado – Western State – has a good rating from the FIRE. Every other has at least one significant threat to free speech. This is unacceptable and betrays the spirit of college.

As a student at a college with a problematic speech code, I am excited by Tim Neville’s efforts to protect free speech. I am remaining anonymous because my college speech policy has extremely loose definitions. The wording is so broad and vague that my stereotypes of students could be twisted into an offense. The environment created by this ambiguity and looming threat is unhealthy and profoundly contradicts the values of academia. In a rational world, expressing this opinion should not be cause for concern. Senate Bill 17-062 will be a major step towards restoring reason and common sense to Academia.

The Deplorable Doctoral Candidate is an engineer, climate skeptic, entrepreneur, critic of academia, and occasional blogger. You can follow him on Twitter:

Douglas County Schools Supports Concealed Carry in Schools


The measure was in support of State Legislation in Denver

Earlier this week, The Douglas County Board of Education voted to support two pro-gun bills that State Legislators were working on.

Unfortunately, one of the bills was already killed by Democrats in the State House.

That bill, HB17-1036 would have allowed anyone with a valid concealed carry permit to carry their firearm on school property.

The bill that hasn’t been killed yet is SB 17-005. If signed into law, this bill would allow trained teachers and trained school staff who have a concealed carry permit to carry their firearms on school property.

It’s refreshing to see a School Board represent pro-gun values instead of the usual fear mongering.

Of course, Douglas County is usually a lighthouse of liberty in an otherwise Blue metro area.

Looking at the Douglas County State Legislators, it’s no surprise that Rep. Patrick Neville, Sen. Chris Holbert and Rep. Kim Ransom all hail from Douglas County.

The real question is, can Douglas County Conservatives shift the political winds in Colorado?

Will they be able to keep DougCo red?

Can their influence help nearby Jefferson County which is a swing-county in regards to State Legislators?

2018 will be here soon enough and we may have an answer to those questions.


Why did Jeff Hays Skip out on a Debate?


George Athanasopoulos


Jeff Hays

Who will be the next Colorado GOP State Chair?

Following the announcement from Current Republican Party Chair Steve House, that he will not seek re-election, George Athanasopoulos (former CD-7 candidate) and Jeff Hays (current El Paso County GOP Chair) both jumped on the opportunity to become the next Colorado Republican Party Leader.

Fortunately a debate was planned, however. . .

If you haven’t heard, GOP State Chair candidate, Jeff Hayes, has changed his mind about attending an upcoming debate hosted by grassroots activists.

Hays who is considered the “establishment” choice for state chair is facing off against conservative firebrand George Athanasopoulos.

Apparently, Hays and Athanasopoulos agreed to attend the debate several weeks ago, and local Party members collected enough money to rent the venue for the debate. But with Hay’s sudden reversal those activist who worked hard to pony up the cash for the venue are now left with the bill.

To make matters worse for Hays, the folks he left hanging with the check are the same people voting in the upcoming chairman’s race.

Athanasopoulos on the other hand, confirmed that he will still attend the debate whether Hay’s shows or not.

Here is George Athanasopoulos’ response he posted on Facebook today:


Click to enlarge

If Hays were smart he’d offer to pick up the tab. But that is a big “if” and it may be too late for him anyways.

You can find more info about Jeff Hays on his Facebook:

George Atanasopoulos has a website for his campaign to be State Party Chair Here:

What do you think?

Let us know in the comments below!

Was the Colorado Democratic Party Trying to Incite Violence?


Colorado Democratic Party Paid to Send This Email to Supporters:

Pay attention to the subject line: “Get fired up” with flames (click the photo to enlarge):


This email was sent out on February 6th, 2017 to supporters of the Colorado Democratic Party

The Sender is listed as “The Resistance”.

This email was sent on February 6th, 2017.

The destructive Berkley riots were on February 1st, 2017.

In Berkley, we saw fires, smashed windows and a looted Starbucks.

Was this a call-to-arms for radicals in Colorado?

Or just bad taste?

Colorado House Democrats “Kill” Three Pro-Gun Bills


Not that anyone should be surprised, but yesterday, House Democrats killed three pro-gun bills that would have made it easier for Coloradans to defend themselves.

This came after over eight hours of testimony.

The Pro-Gun Bills

HB17-1036 Concealed Carry in Schools: This would have allowed qualified teachers to have the ability to defend their students with a firearm.

HB17-1037 Deadly Force Against an Intruder: This would have expanded Colorado’s “Make My Day Law” to businesses.

HB17-1097 Repeal Ammunition Magazine Prohibition: This would repeal the 2013 magazine ban limiting magazines to only 15 rounds.

The Fallout

Unfortunately for law-abiding Coloradans, there isn’t much hope of improving our ability to defend ourselves with Democrats in control of the State House.

If pro-gun Coloradans want to change the situation in Denver, then 2018 will be there best chance.

Not only will the Colorado House and Senate be up for grabs, but so will the Governor’s mansion.

Time will tell if Colorado becomes a more pro-gun state.