Why did Jeff Hays Skip out on a Debate?


George Athanasopoulos


Jeff Hays

Who will be the next Colorado GOP State Chair?

Following the announcement from Current Republican Party Chair Steve House, that he will not seek re-election, George Athanasopoulos (former CD-7 candidate) and Jeff Hays (current El Paso County GOP Chair) both jumped on the opportunity to become the next Colorado Republican Party Leader.

Fortunately a debate was planned, however. . .

If you haven’t heard, GOP State Chair candidate, Jeff Hayes, has changed his mind about attending an upcoming debate hosted by grassroots activists.

Hays who is considered the “establishment” choice for state chair is facing off against conservative firebrand George Athanasopoulos.

Apparently, Hays and Athanasopoulos agreed to attend the debate several weeks ago, and local Party members collected enough money to rent the venue for the debate. But with Hay’s sudden reversal those activist who worked hard to pony up the cash for the venue are now left with the bill.

To make matters worse for Hays, the folks he left hanging with the check are the same people voting in the upcoming chairman’s race.

Athanasopoulos on the other hand, confirmed that he will still attend the debate whether Hay’s shows or not.

Here is George Athanasopoulos’ response he posted on Facebook today:


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If Hays were smart he’d offer to pick up the tab. But that is a big “if” and it may be too late for him anyways.

You can find more info about Jeff Hays on his Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeff.hays.520

George Atanasopoulos has a website for his campaign to be State Party Chair Here: https://www.makecoloradoredagain.com/

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