Rep. Williams isn’t Hispanic Enough According to “Rape-Whistle” Joe Salazar

The Intolerant Left?

State Representative Joe Salazar (D-Thornton) is under fire today for disparaging racial comments recently targeted at a Republican colleague.

Speaking at a North High School in Denver, Salazar ripped State Representative Dave Williams (R-Colorado Springs) decrying him as a “half Latino” while trashing legislation to ending Sanctuary illegal immigration policies in Colorado.

Rep. Williams, who is of Hispanic dissent, has also been denied membership to the presumably nob-partisan Colorado Latino Caucus.

Rep. Williams responded on the house floor late this morning saying “I’m sorry that my surname doesn’t match my ethnicity or my heritage, but I’m proud of who I am and where I come from.”

Witnesses of today’s exchange report Salazar was seen laughing during and following Rep. Williams remarks, and is refusing to apologize for his controversial remarks.

House Speaker’s “Zero Tolerance” Racism Policy

The incident is the latest test of House Speaker Crisanta Duran’s “zero tolerance” doctrine for racism as outlined in her opening day remarks:

“As speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives I will stand firm against divisive language and divisive policies … We cannot tolerate attacks on women and people of color… If we let it catch hold –if we normalize language and behavior that is simply not normal —if we do not call out hate and racism when we see it —if we do not defend our foundational values —well then our democracy itself is at risk. We must stand up for those who might otherwise be shoved down or pushed aside.”

Despite these remarks, Speaker Duran and House Democratic Leaders are refusing to rebuke Salazar’s comments.

Additionally, this hypocrisy sends the message that it’s somehow okay to discriminate against someone – to demonize, vilify and even exclude someone — simply because they are a Republican or because their parents come from different backgrounds.

This is bigoted – divisive — politics at its worst. Salazar and Duran should be ashamed. They should apologize at once.

You can watch the video here: